Arizona is in the midst of a drought, now ten years and counting. This has caused our water reserves to drop to only 50% capacity ... an increasingly scary number in light of ever-increasing population and continued development.

In light of these figures, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano signed Executive Order 2003-12 on March 20, 2003, establishing the Governor's Drought Task Force. This group of water professionals and lawmakers presented a Strategic Water Use Plan to the Governor in October 2004, which was adopted. The plan calls for government entities to begin to curtail water use, and encourage rural water systems to develop Water Conservation Plans.

The Town of Kearny also has water problems. The Town currently uses more than 3/4 of its available water supply, a total dangerously close to emergeny levels. To ensure the Town of has enough water, a Conservation Plan began to be developed on July of 2004, and was formally adopted by the Kearny Town Council on November 8, 2004.

This plan lays out the groundwork for a series of initiatives and other steps to help reduce the total amount of water used by the Town of Kearny.

Town of Kearny Water Conservation Plan

Town of Kearny 2004 Water Statistics